Territorial Strategic Mission Plan (2013-2016)


After the success of TSMP: The Next Chapter, Salvationists and staff were invited to participate in a range of surveys in late 2012 to help decide the best way forward. Of the 2,500 people who participated, most agreed that TSMP had helped The Salvation Army be considerably more effective, and they wanted TSMP to continue.
A range of suggestions were received as to how the plan might be improved going forward. Having listened to the feedback, a new TSMP was launched at Congress in 2013 with three adjustments:

  1. Instead of being something separate, ‘mission-focused’ was to be seen as our preferred way of working in everything we do—the glue that holds the plan together. It was changed from a goal to a way of working.
  2. Senior leadership agreed that leadership development was an even more critical issue than three years earlier, so to ensure it received appropriate focus, it became a goal in its own right.
  3. The goals were shortened to reflect the key phrases people use in every day conversation, with focus words added.
Territorial Strategic Mission Plan 2013 Goals

We continued to source and develop quality resources, and expected all corps, centres and support functions to implement localised plans to support these goals.

Supporting Resources

Here are a range of resources produced for TSMP (2013-2016) and available for download.

 TSMP Overview   

TSMP Overview Presentation

Powerpoint slides for use in presenting an overview of TSMP, including history, goal changes, how to get involved and resources. Feel free to adapt this to your requirements.

TSMP Plan  


The full Territorial Strategic Mission Plan document.

TSMP Brochure  

TSMP Brochure

A summary of TSMP for general use.

TSMP Poster  

TSMP Posters and Wallet Cards

The goal posters are for displaying at Salvation Army properties to provide visual reminders of the goals and what we’re aiming for.


'Getting Started' sermon outlines and small group studies

Sermons and small group studies to introduce TSMP: The Next Chapter and explain each goal. As the name suggests – a good place to ‘get started’.



Download TSMP images:

red-shield-te-ope-whakaora2012 95x122  


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