TSMP: The Next Chapter (2010-2013)



In 2006, The Salvation Army launched the Territorial Strategic Mission Plan (TSMP) with four goals for The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga to 2010.

TSMP was extremely valuable in providing focus and rallying Salvationists and staff around these shared mission goals. To maintain this momentum, territorial leadership extended the plan for three years (from October 2010 to 2013)—under the banner ‘TSMP: The Next Chapter’.

TSMP: The Next Chapter was developed with much prayer and widespread consultation, including 276 respondents to an initial survey, and nearly 1500 people completed feedback forms during consultation events. This feedback was overwhelming:

  • keep the essence of existing goals, but widen their application
  • provide clarity around how we will know we are achieving each goal
  • provide a plan and resources to help achieve the goals (but allow local initiative)
  • let’s get on with it!

And that’s what we’re doing …

Our updated mission goals to 2013

  • Make dynamic disciples of Jesus
  • Increase the number of soldiers
  • Take significant steps to eradicate poverty and injustice
  • Be a connected, streamlined and mission-focused Army

Our commitment remains to the overall mission of caring for people, transforming lives and reforming society. Under God’s power, TSMP: The Next Chapter will continue to focus our energies in living out this mission in our world.


To achieve these goals, all corps, centres and headquarters are to put in place plans for all four goals, in each of the following three areas of focus:

  • engage: help people understand and support each goal
  • equip: help people develop the skills and resources to live out each goal
  • empower: release (commission and support) people to achieve each goal

A range of resources have been developed to assist. These are available for download from the TSMP resources section.

The Next Chapter

We thank God for all who have contributed to developing the next chapter of TSMP, through their prayers and by taking part in the consultation process.

Our mission and values are re-affirmed. Our goals are updated. A picture of success is added. Strategies are set. Resources are provided.

Now it’s up to each of us to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading … and make it happen!


Supporting Resources

Download a range of TSMP Next Chapter resources:

The Next Chapter Plan


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