Mission Values

Mission Plan

To reinforce the culture we want to see, the following seven values reflect who we are, how we strive to act and how we make decisions.

We start by putting Jesus first – fundamentally, we are a Christian movement whose ministry is motivated by the love of God.

This in turn compels us to care for others – especially the most vulnerable; and to walk the talk – authentic Christianity, which could also be stated as no hypocrites.

We think holistically to provide a ministry that addresses the whole person —their spiritual, physical, mental/emotional and social needs; and in supporting this, we offer a place to belong —authentic faith communities where anyone is welcomed, and where those who profess to follow Jesus contribute as they are able.

We look to do the right thing with our resources, recognising we are accountable to God.

And we are proud to be a part of God’s international Salvation Army, willingly supporting our Army and fellow Salvationists, both locally and around the world.


Supporting Resources

Values - Images

Images for using to display the values locally.


Values - Posters

Posters that can be printed and placed around your venue.


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