Social Justice Resources

On this page you'll find useful Goal Three Resources that you can download to view or print.

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Thought Provokers - Justice

A series of thought provoking slides for use in down time during church services or events (e.g. during the offering) to encourage people to consider how they can help fight injustice.


Jesus and Justice

A series of twelve studies developed by the International Social Justice Commission, looking at social justice through the life of Jesus. Designed for both personal and group study.


Just Actions

A range of Just Actions – helpful sheets covering a range of social justice/poverty issues with practical steps for involvement. Designed for use by leadership teams as the basis for sermons, as newsletter inserts, or for small groups.


Sermon to introduce goal three

Both the "Getting Started' and 'Dynamic Discipleship' booklets contain a sermon and study on social justice.


Living Simply

A think-piece on consumerism, production and positive buying to help us all live simply and make a more just world.

> Living Simply (PDF, 524KB)


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