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On this page you'll find Mission Plan Resources that don't fit in any of the main categories.


Doing Mission Together Groups 

Doing Mission Together Groups

As part of our Mission Plan focus of Doing Mission Together, all centres within geographical regions are being asked to meet to look for opportunities to do mission together. Coordinated by Divisional Headquarters, here is some information, template (and sample) to get you started.


Welcome Team Training

Making your church so welcoming, every visitor wants to come back.


Welcome Pack

Templates for developing a localised corps welcome pack for visitors.

Note: Plastic envelopes are available from your local Divisional Headquarters.


Congregational Survey 

Congregational Survey

A standard questionnaire for use with a congregation to find out practical information not covered by a health questionnaire like Natural Church Development (NCD) (e.g. where are people coming from, how long have they been coming, what would congregation members invite friends to, etc.). The survey is designed to be printed and handed out during or after a church service to maximise participation (online surveys are more efficient but have a much lower take up rate). 


Once complete, contact the Mission Team to have your data loaded and reports generated for you. 


Digital Connect Update

Please see the "Notification Bar" on the Support portal for any updates related to connection issues Digital Connect are aware of and working on.

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