Discipleship Resources

On this page you'll find useful Goal One Resources that you can download to view or print.

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Discipleship Guides

Practical handouts for various activities to help grow disciples:

  • One-2-one Discipleship and Spiritual Partners: guides for how to start discipling relationships, practical tools for your first and subsequent meetings (One-2-one discipleship is where a more mature Christian helps a newer Christian develop, while Spiritual Partners are people of similar spiritual maturity wanting to help each other grow). Four pages long, designed to print on a single A3 page, double-sided and folded.
  • Outreach accountability: a simple but very effective approach to increasing the outreach temperature of your corps, adding two simple questions to every meeting.


Valuing Our Values - Team Devotions

A series of team devotions to help unpack our values. The suggestion is you use one a month to create a 'value of the month'.



Who are we? (Our Values) sermon and study series

Seven sermons and seven separate small group studies for understanding our Salvation Army values - who are we and what is the culture we want to see.



'The Whole World Mobilising' Campaign

An international campaign for 2017/2018, adapted for use in the NZFT territory, encouraging corps, centres and Salvationists to be mobilised in mission and to engage with their local communities.



'Dynamic Discipleship' sermon and study series

Seven sermons and seven separate small group studies for understanding dynamic discipleship - based around loving God and loving others.


Note: to obtain a copy of The Lads song 'Cross With a Pillow' for use with these resources. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thought Provokers

A series of thought provoking slides for use in down time during church services or events (e.g. before the meeting, during the offering) to challenge people in their living, or to encourage the development of intergenerational relationships.


'Taking it to the Streets' campaign

A territory wide campaign encouraging corps and centres to engage with their local communities.

Friendships that Count

'Friendships that Count - How to Share your Faith Course'

A course / small group study to help you build friendships that count for eternity. A practical guide to helping your friends come to follow Jesus.

Mercy Seat Counselling

Mercy Seat Counselling

A course to help you support someone making a response at the mercy seat.


'Evangelism Pathway'

A workbook to help you confirm the steps you take to bring people to faith in Jesus.


'Discipleship Pathway'

A workbook to help you confirm how you grow your disciples of Jesus.

TSMP leading small groups

'Leading Small Groups'

A training course or manual for leading effective small groups - in particular, Home/Life Groups. Includes an overview of small groups, facilitation skills, how to build authentic relationships, how to start a group and suggested resources.


'Knowing God'

Six studies for personal or group use, exploring how to get to know God through 'holy habits' (spiritual disciplines).

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'Leadership Jesus Way'

You can find information about Leadership Jesus Way on our external website here.

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Discipleship resource recommendations

Officers were asked 'what is the one resource you wish every other officer knew about?' - here are their recommendations with information about how to access them and rough costs.

NOTE: these are the same recommendations as you will find under Strategic Mission Plan >> Discipleship Resources - in booklet form.


Prayer Tips

10 separate sheets of tips for praying in various settings, such as at home, in ministry groups, during corporate worship and in the neighbourhood.

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