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The Salvation Army has been raised up by God to ‘care for people, transform lives and reform society, through God in Christ by the Holy Spirit's power’.

In 2005, senior leadership asked what was holding us back from better achieving this mission. After widespread consultation, four main areas were identified that formed the basis of our Territorial Strategic Mission Plan (TSMP), with four goals for The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

After further consultation, TSMP was extended in 2010 for three years under the banner of ‘TSMP: The Next Chapter’, with updated goals; and further refined in 2013.

Our Territorial Strategic Mission Plan 2013 goals were:



No one realised the impact that this focus would have on our territory. Our attendances at worship services grew, we enrolled more soldiers than prior to TSMP; there became far greater awareness of poverty and injustice; and much of our siloed thinking changed.

While each of these goals will always be important (when we will not want to make disciples, enrol soldiers, fight injustice or develop leaders?), in 2016, senior leaders decided that TSMP was losing it's impact, and so a new Mission Plan was launched at Congress on 1 October 2016.

During the TMSP season, a range of resources were developed to support the goals. Most of these resources remain relevant and are still available for download from our mission resources section.

We thank God for what was achieved with TSMP and look forward to what is still to come through our future Mission Plans.

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