Territorial Strategic Mission Plan Resources

On this page you'll find useful Promotional Resources that you can download to view or print.

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 TSMP Overview   

TSMP Overview Presentation

Powerpoint slides for use in presenting an overview of TSMP, including history, goal changes, how to get involved and resources. Feel free to adapt this to your requirements.

TSMP Plan  


The full Territorial Strategic Mission Plan document.

TSMP Brochure  

TSMP Brochure

A summary of TSMP for general use.

TSMP Poster  

TSMP Posters and Wallet Cards

The goal posters are for displaying at Salvation Army properties to provide visual reminders of the goals and what we’re aiming for.


'Getting Started' sermon outlines and small group studies

Sermons and small group studies to introduce TSMP: The Next Chapter and explain each goal. As the name suggests – a good place to ‘get started’.


Family Meal Planner

Here's an idea to help you continue the conversation at home...



Download TSMP images:

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