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In 2006 The Salvation Army launched the Territorial Strategic Mission Plan (TSMP) containing four goals for The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga to 2010:

  • To grow all Salvationists as dynamic disciples
  • To increase the number of new soldiers
  • To take significant steps towards the eradication of poverty in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga
  • To be a connected, streamlined and mission-focused army.

TSMP was extremely valuable in providing focus and rallying Salvationists and staff around these shared mission goals. To ensure this momentum continued, a project was started in 2009 to decide what next? The project became known as TSMP: The Next Chapter, with the 'what next' to be launched at the Mission 2010 Congress (October 2010).

Consultation Process

One of the major objectives of the process followed was widespread consultation. There was a strong desire by territorial leadership to ensure Salvationists and staff would know of the plan and have a chance to contribute.

The following diagram highlights the process followed:

TSMP 2010 process

  • Survey (Sep-Oct 2009): In September 2009 276 Salvationists and staff responded to a survey seeking feedback on the current goals and their desires for any next plan. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with a strong sense that TSMP was on the right track; we just needed more time and to provide the missing detail. Link to survey results
  • Draft (Oct-Dec 2009): The survey responses were reviewed (including 54 pages of comments) and the findings worked through with a representative TSMP Working Group. Territorial leadership met for two days in December to discuss the responses and draft the basis for a new plan.
  • Consultation (Feb-Apr 2010): Corps and centres held local consultation events to discuss the suggested new plan and 1500 people completed feedback forms. These responses were considered by territorial leadership in May, and the content for the next strategic mission plan updated accordingly.
  • Development (May - Sep 2010): The next chapter plan was finalised, and effort switched to researching and developing the resources required to support the new plan.
  • Launch (Oct 2010): The launch of the new plan was a key part of the Mission 2010 Congress Event in Auckland.


A lot of prayer was invested in the formation of the plan, including:

  • Prayer banners in every division being passed from corps to corps
  • A renewed focus on 24-7 prayer
  • Suggested prayer topics for personal prayer within the TSMP blog

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