TSMP: The Next Chapter - Consultation Feedback

To ensure Salvationists and staff had input into the plan, corps and centres were held local consultation events between February and April 2010.

People attending followed a consultation presentation that explained the initial survey feedback, the desire to maintain momentum, potential goal wording changes and most importantly, a range of possible strategies for achieving each goal. The strategies proposed were slightly different for social service centres and THQ (e.g. they had similar questions around bringing people to faith, but less around growing existing disciples).

Having considered the content and discussed this within groups, each individual was asked to complete the relevant feedback form - these forms were in the style of 'tick the box' (i.e. no comments) to make them easier to collate. However, to ensure important concerns or comments were reported, the leader of each event was asked to record these on a separate Event Comments Form.

In total, 1481 consultation forms were received - 80% completing the general form; 17% social services and 3% the THQ specific form. A rough demographic split is:

  • 60% female | 40% male
  • 45% under 50 (100 people (8%) under 25) | 55% over 50
  • 15% officers | 43% soldiers | 17% attend corps | 12% staff
  • The biggest contributor was the Northern Division with 337 responses (23%). Of honourable mention is Tonga, contributing 116 responses (55% of their weekly attendance).


1a) Proposed Goal Changes

A key part of the consultation process was to consider various perceived issues with the current goals and to look at the proposed changes to address these. For example, growing all Salvationist as dynamic disciples is by nature focused on existing Salvationist disciples and so becomes largely irrelevant to many social service centres. Removing 'all Salvationists' opens the goal for wider application. Participants were asked whether they agreed.

1b) Proposed Strategies

Attenders were then asked to rate the perceived usefulness of a range of potential strategies and resources. The strategies suggested varied slightly between the general, social services and THQ forms.


2a) Consultation PowerPoint Slides

The Consultation Event presentation, covering the survey results, proposed goal changes with rationale and proposed strategies. The notes section on each slide explains the slide and provides a potential script for use by the presenter.

2b) Consultation Feedback Forms

Standard forms for collating feedback from each person who attends the consultation event, plus an event summary form for recording comments (one per centre). As a number of the strategies were corps specific, two feedback forms were provided - a general form and a separate form for use in social service centres.


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