Printing Booklets

We've designed most of the mission resources as workbooks intentionally. We felt these were the most convenient for people to use - they fit nicely in your hand, are still easy to write in, don't take up much room in a bag and even fit inside a Bible or Bible bag. Similarly, to keep the costs down, we've printed them in black and white, but with a nice colour cover. All this makes them a little harder to print, so here are some instructions if you need them.

For each booklet, you'll find two files - a cover and the booklet.

Printing Covers

The cover is designed as a standard A4 page - just simply print it (in colour) on to card. Easy.

Printing Booklets

The actual booklet is designed to be reduced from A4 down to an A5 booklet by your printer. This means, if you just print it normally, you will have huge text (and use lots of paper). Instead, it is designed so that you print it to your photocopier which can produce a booklet for you automatically.

If you are printing to a printer that cannot produce booklets, you should at least print two pages per page (see printing two to a page below for how to do this)

To make use of your printer's booklet creation feature:

1. Select Print

2. Choose your printer, then click on the Properties button

printing booklets 1 properties

3. Find your printer’s booklet setting. For many photocopiers, you click the Booklet / Poster / Mixed Size Originals button on the Layout tab (but this may be different for you).

printing booklets 2 layout

4. Choose Booklet Creation. Then keep clicking OK until you get back to your Print dialog.

printing booklets 3 booklet

5. Print your document and it will come out like a booklet.

Printing Two to a Page

If you are printing to a printer than cannot produce booklets, you should at least print two pages per page (or print one copy in full and take it to a photocopier).

printing booklets two  to page

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