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ISG Tips & Tricks #1

Welcome to the first of a series of topical Tips and Tricks from ISG. 

 We will initially concentrate on Office 365 with the aim of providing you with ideas, shortcuts and tips on making the best of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.






Would you like to add all the Public Holidays for 2019 and 2020 to your calendar for one or more of the countries in the territory?


Click on this file TSA-2019.HOL and save to your desktop. Then double-click the file and select the year/s and country/ies you wish to import then click on OK

If you have any Tips you would like to share – send them to us via return email for publication.





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Office upgrade driving you nuts?

So is the Office upgrade from 2003 to the current version driving you insane because you can't find anything in the new look ribbon?  Then fear no more.  

The following three downloads will help you find the commands you can't find anymore.  Simply download and run.  Then you just need to do what you used to on 2003 that appears on the screen, and this little program will help you find where it now resides in the latest version.  It is based on 2007 but as far as commands go there isn't a lot of difference on this in 2010.

The three main Office programs used in our organisation are Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  The three downloads relate to these three programs.  Just click on the one you want, and run.  Or if you want you can just save it after download for later use.

 Microsoft Excel

 Microsoft Word

 Microsoft Powerpoint



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Mission Opportunities

Check out our latest job vacancies (we also refer to these as 'mission opportunities') and see if there's a possible place for you.

Digital Connect Update

Please see the "Notification Bar" on the Support portal for any updates related to connection issues Digital Connect are aware of and working on.

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