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Attachments Missing!

This was the email message coming back to you on busy day when everything just needed to fall into place. You had previously forwarded an important email with attachments on your phone that needed immediate action.

This is a common problem that needs another three clicks to resolve.

In IBM Verse (Traveler) when you forward an email we need to ensure that the entire email is available locally on your phone / device before forwarding the email. To do this:

Click the blue download button on a truncated email and allow it to resync. Check another email rather than wait for it.


Next if there are any attachment(s) open them on your device.  You will likely be prompted by this message:

Attachment Unavailable!

Attachment_name.doc is not available locally.  Would you like to download it?

Select Yes and you will see a download progress screen, before it opens.  Note there is often a small pause before the download begins.  Select view to look at the attachment.  Repeat for each attachment.

Now you can forward the email and the attachments with confidence!

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Out of the Office?

Plenty of times I've left the office and not turned on the out of office feature in my email. Years ago you had to use the full client to do this, then it became possible in webmail. Now (well for the last year or so) you can do it directly on your smartphone (with the Traveler / Verse client).

From your inbox tap on the menu button (this is the lines stacked on top of each other (similar to an =) in the top left corner of the blue bar that says Inbox), then tap on settings. The 2nd option is Out of Office and tapping on that gives you all the settings you need.

So rather than not set an out of office, or spend the time on your laptop, or webmail, use your phone and turn on your out of office function quickly and easily while walking to you car before driving off into the sunset.

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IBM Verse

If you have IBM Notes installed on your Android phone it is possible that over the weekend you got an upgrade that on the surface appears to have changed everything! The colour and style of icons is the most obvious change but there is more than that going on.

If you use the Traveler icon to get in and out of your email, calendar, contacts and to do's then you will need to look for the IBM Verse icon (pictured below): 


Once you've started IBM Verse then the app works fairly much the same as Traveler did. There is an updated look and feel as well as some new features. Here is the updated look:


You may notice at the bottom of the picture an exclamation with the message Not connected to server. Device is up-to-date as of today at 08:30. Don't panic! This message appears because this device is set to manually update every 15 minutes (something which helps enormously with battery life).


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How to Uninstall Lotus Traveler

With the recent changes we have noticed few of our Notes Traveler users are having issues. To make it easy, we prefer you to uninstall Notes Traveler and reinstall on your smart phones.

Below are the instructions to follow. 

Step 1: Go to Apps.


Step 2. Open Notes Traveler.


Step 3. Go to menu and Select Tools as shown in the image. (this varies from model to model. Some of the other options for various models are here b2ap3_thumbnail_OmXeB.png  b2ap3_thumbnail_83Nym.png.)


Step 4. Tap on uninstall.


Step 5. Confirm Uninstall.



PS: Please ensure you have a Pin/Passcode rather than a pattern lock on your phone before you reinstall traveler.

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The New Traveler

The new Traveler server is in and operational. As of this morning 200 users and 245 devices had registered with the new server. For many people the change has happened without them realising anything different. Others have simply been prompted to enter a PIN to secure the device.

There are some older installations on mobile devices that have caused some challenges for us these have all been relatively easily fixed following a call to us (04 802 6262). 

Thanks for your cooperation as we made this change that helps protect the sensitive information we have access to.

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Traveler Changes

Traveler Changes

Since the Traveler server was first put in place our use of mobile devices has increased dramatically as has our reliance on them. Having your email & calendar (contacts and to do's) on a mobile device is making us more productive as we're able to operate wherever we have reception.

Recently there have been a number of high profile security scares and/or information links for some high profile organisations around the country. We store a lot of very personal & sensitive information about people and are increasingly conscious of our responsibility as an organisation to take reasonable steps to protect it. 

To increase the confidence the public have in how secure their private information is when entrusted to us we are making the following changes to the Traveler server: 

  1. Update configuration to require PIN (or password) on any device utilising the Traveler service  

  2. All devices with Traveler will automatically lock after 10 minutes idle time

  3. Require automatic updating of Traveler software (to ensure all devices running recent version)

  4. Manager approval required for new installations of Traveler (existing users won't need this)

  5. Permission required for 3+ devices to synchronise  

These changes will be implemented over the night of 30 September so in effect on Wednesday 1 October. They will affect all users with access to their Lotus Notes email & calendar, contacts & to do's from a mobile device and may require some intervention (e.g. setting a PIN) by the user.

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Traveler Schedules

Did you know that with Traveler on your mobile phone you can configure a schedule for syncing? Traveler lets you create peak and off-peak times then set how often your phone synchronises. The less it synchronises the less battery it will use.

We recommend that a peak schedule (weekdays, 7:30am - 7:30pm) that sync's every 15 minutes. This minimises battery drain but keeps your phone up to date with email and calendar changes.

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Traveler - emails, calendar, contacts and tasks sync to your smart phone

We thought it timely to remind all users who have a smartphone on the TSA mobile plan that one of the good applications to load on your smart phone is Lotus Traveler. We do have a tip sheet with some brief instructions on how to load it, but to assist you we have provided below the steps you need to follow to get this operational:

  1. Open the internet browser on your phone.
  2. In the address bar enter type “”.
  3. Use your lotus notes logon (e.g. FirstName [space] LastName, i.e. ‘Joe Blogg’) and then your current lotus notes password.
  4. Then select ‘Sign In’.
  5. On next screen, select ‘Configure your Android’.  A download of Lotus Traveler should begin downloading.
  6. Once download is complete, select it to install it.  Depending on your current settings your phone may get this message “Install Blocked: For Security your device is to block installation of applications not obtained from Google Play.”
  7. Go to settings and then tick the box to allow unknown sources of apps to install.
  8. On the following screens simply select ‘Next’, then select ‘Install’, then select ‘Open’, and lastly ‘Accept’
  9. Enter your Lotus Notes Credentials First Name – Last Name and pass word and click next.
  10. Select Activate
  11. Choose between your phones internal or removable memory and then select finish.
  12. Select Ok in the next screen.  Your phone will now sync with the server and set itself with your data.  This may take a few minutes.

As with your normal Lotus Notes account you have to change your password every 90 days / 3 months. Every time you change your Lotus Notes password you also need to change the password on your mobile phone.

To do this you need open the actual Lotus Traveler icon on your phone.  Once done you will get options on the bottom of screen.  Open the settings menu, then to update your Lotus Notes password select ‘Account’.

To select items like notification sounds and other settings select ‘Applications’.

To download the tip sheet simply go 'Department and Services' on Intranet menu, and select ISG Tip Sheets.


Our grateful thanks to Anthony McFarlane for his assistance in the writing of this blog entry.

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A tip on mobile phone Contacts

If you have ever had your phone lost, stolen, or damaged only to find you have to re-enter all your contacts onto a new phone, then today's blog is short, simple and very effective.

When entering contacts onto your phone, store these either using your Gmail account, or using Lotus Notes Traveler.  Don't save it on the phone or the SIM!

This means, that if you have to replace your handset, all you will need to is sync it to your Gmail or Lotus Notes account and all your contacts will automatically synchronise to your phone.


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Notes To Do's

Do you always have your smartphone with you? Why not use Notes To Do's as your notepad? Rather than having to find a scrap of paper and pen a Notes To Do means your piece of paper will follow you and be available on your desktop (as well as your smartphone). 

Using Notes To Do's puts all your pieces of paper in a single location (the server) and lets you access them from where ever you are (your phone, your desktop/laptop, even from any other computer - through webmail/iNotes). Notes To Do's also let you add dates and alarms so you don't forget about doing something. 

Notes To Do's don't synchronise by default in Traveler so you will need to switch this on. This is a relatively simple task achieved by starting Traveler, looking at settings, applications and checking the box on Sync To Do. The rest of the To Do settings allow you control over which To Do's do and don't sync.

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Traveler and Battery Life

If you use Traveler on your mobile phone you might find that your battery drains quite quickly. Unfortunately this is due to the nature of connectivity on a mobile phone BUT there is something you can do about it. 

If you spend whole days in the office and only need Traveler when you're out of the office, then turn off sync'ing for the days you're at your desk. Or maybe, so it is up to date, change the schedule to sync every 4 hours (perhaps you could do it manually). 

When you are out and about set the schedule to be every hour or 2. This keeps you up to date but preserves battery life (and do you really need to know the instant emails arrive?)! 

Setting the schedule on Traveler is easy (but only available on Android phones). Start the Lotus Traveler application then head into settings and auto sync. Turning down the frequency will save your battery and some data usage.

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Changing Password

You don't have to change passwords very often so when you do there can be some bits and pieces that stop working. The main one I always forget about is Lotus Traveler (the bit that puts email, calendar, and contacts on my phone). It isn't that I need to change another password, just that I need to enter my new password into my phone (but only after I've changed my password).

Changing your password in Traveler is relatively simple. Just go to the Traveler application, find the user account and password, then type in your new password. Be aware that there is a delay (10-30 minutes) while your new password synchronises through to Traveler. This means Traveler may not accept your new password immediately. However it will let you save it so it will just start working again once the password has synchronised to the Traveler server.

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Mission Opportunities

Check out our latest job vacancies (we also refer to these as 'mission opportunities') and see if there's a possible place for you.

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