Time to reboot!

We are aware of a number of Salvation Army machines that are simply 'screen locked' at the end of each day, and then unlocked ready for the next day's work.  This also relates to laptops being put on "hibernate" or "sleep" mode. It is highly recommended that machines are rebooted regularly (that is to shut it down and then restart) to ensure a number of tasks can be completed with your computer.  The reasons for restarting your computer are:

  • If your computer is running slow
  • If the device feels very hot
  • The fans inside the machine are making an excessive amount of noise
  • After a software update
  • After any type of installation

Also, note if you develop the regular habit of shutting down your computer at the end of the day the action of restarting your computer will be needed less often.

The benefits for this are:

  1. Flushes RAM - RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is your computer’s main type of memory. RAM handles short-term tasks and data. Therefore, when you restart your computer, you flush out all the random, unimportant, and temporary data bogging down your device.
  2. Fast Performance - Reboots are known to keep computers running quickly. 
  3. Stops Memory Leaks - These occur when a program doesn’t close properly. Many programs borrow your computer’s RAM while open then return it when you close the program out. However, outdated, overused or glitchy programs may end up forgetting to return that memory, resulting in memory leaks. Rebooting can help prevent memory leaks from occurring.
  4. Fixes Internet Connection - Sometimes computers lose their connection to the Internet and will need to be reset. The first plan of action is to restart your computer. Restarting will reset the connection. However, please note that if restarting your computer doesn’t solve your connectivity issues, you may have to reboot your router or require further servicing.
  5. Saves Time - Rebooting your computer is one of the quickest ways you can fix an error with your machine. By restarting, you can avoid sacrificing time out of your work day to call tech support. You will also be saving time that could be potentially wasted on future device sluggishness or potential bugs.
  6. Saves Money - By restarting your computer when appropriate you are taking preventative action. You are not only saving yourself time but the cost of tech support and further maintenance. When you save time, you save money. If you ignore needed reboots damage can be done to your machine, and in worst case scenario, you save your wallet from buying a whole new computer.

If you do find that a restart does not fix your issue, there may be something more critically wrong with the device.

Note that restarting your machine is only a temporary fix too. If symptoms become a recurring issue, there could be a much larger problem and the device will need further servicing.  In these cases feel free to contact the iSG Team who are always happy to help.

You can contact us by logging a ticket in Supportal or call us on (04)802 6262.

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