One Phone to Ring them All!

Chances are you're surrounded by several phones, your mobile, a desk phone, then various phones in meeting rooms, reception desks, etc. We also seem to have more and more people working almost exclusively from their mobile. How do we know? They're asking if they can have it work as an extension and get a local calling number associated with it.

The answer? Yes! You can have one phone to ring them all!

Our mobile plan means it is very cost effective (on either plan) to simply use your mobile as your primary phone. We can make it work as an extension (on our Avaya), and we can also provide a local calling number. All free of charge!

This means you could conceivably dispose of your desk phone and live with just your mobile without anyone having to pay anymore (in fact you will probably pay less)! If you are interested in learning more please log a ticket in the Supportal and we'll work through the details of having just one phone.

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More Extensions

Last week we focussed on a couple of extensions that we've found really helpful. Today we're sharing 2 different links that focus on some really helpful extensions for Chrome. They're all worth looking at, and you may even decide to install some for yourself (I've got several installed). 

Be warned, you may want to try some of these so we suggest not looking until you've got 10 minutes to spare and a fresh cup of coffee wink

15 Great Productivity Chrome Extensions

13 of the Best Chrome Extensions 

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Dictionary Extension

We've had a bit of focus on apps and extensions this week, and today that continues. Sometimes I'll be reading something in an article and become discombobulated. So I need to copy (<CTRL>+<C>) the word, open another tab,  and either go to or then paste (<CTRL>+<V>) the word. Why isn't there a single button in my browser that does that? 

Google Dictionary is an extension that does exactly that and it is brilliant. Check it out here and with a single click get the definition of those words you've never heard!


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Sites Like That

Have you ever been on a website that was helpful and wondered how you could quickly and easily find more sites like it? There is a Chrome extension for that! Called Google Similar Pages you can find it here and install it straight into Chrome. 


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App: Pocket

Occasionally I stumble on a link that I want to read but don't have the time right now. Or I want to hang on to the link so I can refer to it anytime. Mot often this means I want to access it from my phone when I'm waiting for something, or sitting on the couch in the evening! 

There is a great app called Pocket that does exactly this! A Chrome extension (get it here) lets me capture a webpage to look at later. Then an app on your phone (get it here) lets you hang onto pages for viewing later. 

Learn more about you can capture everything you want to read and watch in your pocket at their website: Oh and you can use your Google account to sign yourself up so you don't need another username and password!

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Mission Opportunities

Check out our latest job vacancies (we also refer to these as 'mission opportunities') and see if there's a possible place for you.

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