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Google Sheets Instead of Excel

So our last post was some Excel tips. Today we're suggesting Google Sheets instead of Excel. Everyone with a rental machine has Microsoft access. Everyone with a Salvation Army email address has access to G-Suite (formerly called Google Apps). 

This is based on an article we found (link at the bottom of this post) that talked about things you can do with Google Sheets that you can't do with Excel. Our top 3 are:

  1. Mobile Access - Google Sheets on your phone (or tablet) is really good. Oh and if you're storing data in Google Drive then everything is accessible on your phone the same way it is at your computer.
  2. Revision History - This lets you go back in time to see what has changed in your spreadsheet and you can get *really* granualar if necessary. This is particularly helpful if you are sharing the sheet with anybody else.
  3. Collaborate in Real Time - You can work on the same spreadsheet as someone else (or multiple someone elses) without any issues with conflicts or versions. This is possible even from your mobile phone!

For more things Google Sheets can do that Excel doesn't (like GOOGLE TRANSLATE) refer to the article here.

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3 Excel Tips

Do you use Excel? Here are 3 tips to help you be more productive:

  1. Colour Code Tabs - Press and hold <CTRL> then click on the tabs you want colour coded.
    Goto the Format menu, select Tab Colour, then pick your favourite colour!
  2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts - There are LOTS of keyboard shortcuts, but you can swap between your tabs (that are now colour coded) by holding down <CTRL> then pressing <PAGE UP> or <PAGE DOWN> to move between them.
  3. Open Recent Files - Using your keyboard! Press <ALT>, <F>, <O>, then the number of the file you need (bonus tip, this works in Word and PowerPoint too)!

Enjoy your day.

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Office upgrade driving you nuts?

So is the Office upgrade from 2003 to the current version driving you insane because you can't find anything in the new look ribbon?  Then fear no more.  

The following three downloads will help you find the commands you can't find anymore.  Simply download and run.  Then you just need to do what you used to on 2003 that appears on the screen, and this little program will help you find where it now resides in the latest version.  It is based on 2007 but as far as commands go there isn't a lot of difference on this in 2010.

The three main Office programs used in our organisation are Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  The three downloads relate to these three programs.  Just click on the one you want, and run.  Or if you want you can just save it after download for later use.

 Microsoft Excel

 Microsoft Word

 Microsoft Powerpoint



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