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As we all continue to work towards protecting the Salvation Army data and its networks, ISG will be implementing a change to incoming emails known as an external email banner or external email warning.  This system helps to alert users from clicking on malicious links, phishing emails sent by external senders.  It plays a vital role in protecting against spam and phishing threats.

What this means is that from Friday, 11 June, any emails received from senders outside of TSA NZFTS territory will contain a banner at the top of the message.  The purpose of this is to remind email users to be cautious of opening attachments or following links from external contacts, helping reduce the threat of phishing and malware.

On the Outlook client, the banner will look similar to this:


This banner will also appear in your Inbox on your mobile and will be similar to this:

Please note, that this will be for all emails sent from outside our Microsoft tenant (which includes other TSA territories).  It may also appear on emails that are created from within TechOne too.  The important matter is to pay attention to the banner and IF you are not expecting the email and it contains links, then check with the sender (if you know them) before proceeding.  

Should you have any queries on this, feel free to contact the ISG team and they will be happy to clear up any concerns with this.

Thank you for your assistance as we all work together to protect our client’s data and the TSA network.

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