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IHQ Applications - Notes Transformer

The Salvation Army is an international movement and a global organisation.  As such it has a number of policies and regulations set by International Headquarters to assist the various territories in implementing their localised policies and procedures.  This includes Orders and Regulations, Guidelines and Reference materials.

Historically this was only accessible through the old Lotus Notes client, but recently IHQ have upgraded this to a new system called Notes Transformer.  It is important to note this system is solely for IHQ applications for now.

Notes Transformer can be accessed through your web browser.  This includes Orders and Regulations, IHQ Applications, Guidelines and Reference applications.  Further IHQ based applications will be added to this in the future. 

The URL is ISG have added the link to the ISG Supportal My Links page, TSA Intranet Quick Links Menu and your bookmarks in Chrome browser

When you get to the login page, click on the “Login with Microsoft” button.

 When you get into the system you won’t have any applications bookmarked. Click the “Bookmark an Application” button to add the applications you want to access.  You will only see the applications you have access to.

Click the check boxes to select the applications you want to add to your dashboard, or click “All” at the top, then scroll down to click “Save Changesat the bottom. This will add a link to each of the applications to your dashboard.  These will be remembered next time you log in.

If you know the specific application title, you can filter the dashboard by using the “Filter” field

Otherwise you can use the “Search…” field found on top left corner of window, using keywords for searching through all applications you have access to.

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International Army App

International Army App

There is a fantastic app available from The Salvation Army! The Whole World Mobilising encourages people associated with the Army, or who simply follow Jesus, to make a difference. As an app it lets you take practical steps to reveal God's love wherever you are.

The official app for The Salvation Army’s Whole World Mobilising Campaign. The Whole World Mobilising app and website will provide real-time updates on mobilisation activities, practical coaching, community and global prayer. Track all your activities on a live global map. Celebrate the work being done all around the world by downloading the app and participating in the campaign.

Read more about the app on the international Salvation Army website (here), or download it from here

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Need to Travel?

Following on from the blog on Monday about the Air NZ app for traveling (Travel Much?), today we're featuring an app about getting those cheap flights! Often travel for work is very time specific. Sometimes you know in advance and can be flexible. If so then check out the Grab-a-Seat app:

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Travel Much?

If you travel then the Air New Zealand app is a really handy download for your mobile. All your flights are listed, you can check-in directly from your phone, see live updates about the flight (boarding, gate, your seat number, etc). You can even travel completely paperless!

Check it out here on your Android smartphone:

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Companion App

Google have released an app that is intended to help people be safer. It may be helpful to you depending on your situation. Essentially it means you never have to walk alone. The app lets you connect with people and alert them if your situation changes.

Check it out at 

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Google Keep

Google Keep is a note taking application developed by Google.

Google Keep is also available as a mobile app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as a web application.

Easy to use for note taking or for making check lists, it's a useful tool which can be used for making that quick mental note about something you don't want to forget, or for creating your daily To Do list.  You can set reminders for specific times, and you can even "share" your individual notes with someone else so they can see what needs to be done!


If you haven't used it before I would highly recommend this app.  

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New "electronic" EDP3

When logging in to the Support Portal you may have noticed a few added icons at the top of the window.  We informed you about "Ask Sally" last week, and this week we want to let you know that we have started organising some electronic forms which will assist us all in getting tasks done more efficiently and with less hassle for you.

The purple 'paper pad' icon is the EDP3 form for User Requests and is the only form available electronically at the moment.  This helps us ensure that the information ISG requires is provided in full to us for completing it.  This REPLACES the existing EDP3 form (paper or Word version), which we are still accepting for the next few weeks over a transition period.

When completing the electronic EDP3, please ensure you select exactly what you need, both in the "Type of Request" and the "Systems Affected" areas, as each option will provide you with different questions for you to answer.  Once you have completed the form, simply "Submit" and ISG will act on it within 3 days.

You can stay on top of what has been happening with your jobs by simply logging into the support portal at any time, and looking at your tickets, either in the Open Tab, for all active jobs that have you as a contact or involved user, or the Closed Tab, for any jobs ISG may have already dealt with for you.

Feel free to provide us with any feedback you think may be helpful to us.

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Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

We've already talked about one app that lets you handwrite on your phone instead of typing (MyScript Stylus), but today we're featuring on from Google. Called Google Handwriting Input (clever name) it lets you write like you do on paper and it translates it into typed text. 


This works better on larger screen devices as you can scribble a couple of words at a time without running out of space on the smaller screen of some phones. It also saves time if you struggle with typing (which can be exasperated on a mobile device). 

Check out the app here.

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First Aid App

First Aid App

From our list of useful apps comes another ... First Aid. Why? Because chances are if you're ever in a situation that requires first aid you will have your phone AND this is specifically a NZ app.

The app is organised into sections so you can learn, prepare, and even complete tests to assess how much you know. The idea is that rather than just being a reference book when you need to know some first aid you'll actually learn some basics before being in that situation. Then should you be in a situation requiring first aid then you're better prepared and have a reference guide.

Click here to find out more about the app and install it.   

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MyScript Stylus

MyScript Stylus

Do you like handwriting and wish you could do it on your phone (or maybe tablet)? If so then MyScript Stylus is the app for you!

Once installed it becomes another keyboard for you to use when entering text (similar to Google Swipe that we posted about here). All you do is handwrite using your finger or a stylus and whatever app you're using (email, text, calendar, etc) will get beautifully typed text.


There are a number of really helpful features like the suggested word that most keyboards have. You can also easily switch to your normal keyboard by simply pressing and holding the space bar.

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iBall Updated!

iBall Updated!

After releasing iBall we immediately got feedback from people using it and we've implemented some changes. The changes hopefully make it quicker and easier to use for people with mobile devices and their managers.

From now you Manager's don't have to approve zero dollar bills. A zero dollar bill is one that doesn't have any additional charges and only comprises of the base tariff ($45 incl. GST). These zero dollar bills don't require manager approval as they are already in budget.

As a mobile user you will be alerted regardless of the dollar value your bill has.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions that may make iBall even more useful for the entire organisation then please send them through.   

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How to Uninstall Lotus Traveler

With the recent changes we have noticed few of our Notes Traveler users are having issues. To make it easy, we prefer you to uninstall Notes Traveler and reinstall on your smart phones.

Below are the instructions to follow. 

Step 1: Go to Apps.


Step 2. Open Notes Traveler.


Step 3. Go to menu and Select Tools as shown in the image. (this varies from model to model. Some of the other options for various models are here b2ap3_thumbnail_OmXeB.png  b2ap3_thumbnail_83Nym.png.)


Step 4. Tap on uninstall.


Step 5. Confirm Uninstall.



PS: Please ensure you have a Pin/Passcode rather than a pattern lock on your phone before you reinstall traveler.

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If you're anything like me you like to set your phone to silent (or vibrate) when you're in a meeting, or a place where a phone ringing or beeping is unwelcome. But then you walk out without turning the volume back up and miss a couple of calls!

Shush! is an app that solves that problem. It integrates really cleanly so when you turn the ringer on your phone off it pops up asking how long you want it to be quiet for:

Select the time you want your phone to stay quiet for then it will automatically restore the phone volume for you! Now that is a helpful app. 

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Policy Manuals and databases in a web browser

Do you access any Policy Manuals or similar from your Lotus Notes workspace?

Did you realise that these can ALSO be accessed inside a standard web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc), AND you can have a link inside your Webmail "links"?


The hardest part of this process is finding the full address to the Lotus Notes database/manual/resource.

There are several ways of finding the "full link" to the address of the LN database/manual - here follows the most reliable.

From your Lotus Notes workspace, click the Left-Hand panel Open > Applications > Search for an Application...

The Application Catalog Search page should open:


Type part of the application name you hope to find.

In the example below, I was looking for a Policy Manual which pertained to the Supportive Accommodation, but I didn't know its name.

Searching for "manual" would return far too many results, as would searching for "policy" - there are hundreds.


Instead I searched for "supportive", here are the results:


The one I was after is the "Addiction & Supportive Accommodation Services Policy Manual".

Notice, there are three different links for this manual, on different Servers: NZFBCM1, SANZF13 and SANZF14.

In general you should always choose the link on either SANZF14 or the one on NZFWeb1, the others are backups.

Hover your mouse pointer over the blue link on the correct line.

Right-mouse click on the link icon and choose from the popup menu: "Link Properties"

Again using my example, I get a page looking like this:



Using your mouse, highlight and copy the info from the "Link Description" field, in my case this would be:


To arrive at the full "web" address, add the following onto the start of the above:

The end result should look similar to this:


Test that full URL in your web browser, by pasting it (CTRL-V) into the browser address bar.

If it doesn't work, ensure the slashes and dots are in the correct places, like the example above.

Then, try another server, eg NZFWeb1;


If you're already signed into webmail the link will directly open the manual/database immediately, if not you will need to provide your Lotus Notes username/password to access it.

Once you've proven the full URL works, you can save this to your browser favorites/bookmarks.

This full URL works from any computer on the internet, so you can email it to yourself or others to use.

You can also add the same link "inside" webmail under "Personal Links":


Log into webmail

On the webmail "workspace" middle section, click "configure these links":



Under Personal links, using the next available (empty) line, give it a friendly name in the "Name" box eg for the example given here I used ASAS Policy Manual

Copy & Paste the link address you figured out above into the corresponding "url" box, might look like:


Click Save Settings button


You now have a link in your webmail "workspace" for your desired manual/database, which will appear on any computer when you log into webmail.

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Mission Opportunities

Check out our latest job vacancies (we also refer to these as 'mission opportunities') and see if there's a possible place for you.

Digital Connect Update

Please see the "Notification Bar" on the Support portal for any updates related to connection issues Digital Connect are aware of and working on.

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