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Smartphone Security Alert

This message applies to ALL smartphones running Android. That means if you have a Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, ANY smartphone running Android you need to take action as detailed in this blog post.

Some of you may be aware of a security alert called Stagefright. It is a problem for Android smartphones that is serious enough for you to take action, NOW. While it only affects MMS messages, everyone still needs to take action and turnoff the auto-retrieval of MMS messages.

If you currently use MMS messages regularly (whether work or personal) we strongly recommend that you move to using an application like Google Hangouts. There are other possiblities, however using  Google Hangouts and your account will tie everything together (e.g. Google Drive and Apps data) and enable you to see the complete Territorial directory.

Even if you don't think you receive MMS messages you need to make the following changes to any/all of the applications listed below that you have on your phone. Also if you're using a different app for SMS messages then check the configuration of that and ensure it is set to NOT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD MMS messages.

The rest of this blog post shows the different apps you MAY be using for SMS messages and how to change the settings to protect yourself.

Messaging, Messenger, Samsung Messages, Hangouts, whatever messaging app you use, they will ALL need to be updated IF they're on your phone. It only takes 30 seconds and will protect you.

In each case you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app (e.g. Messenger)
  2. Click on the menu / hamburger button
  3. Select settings
  4. Go to advanced settings
  5. Ensure auto-retrieve of MMS (multimedia) messages is switched OFF

Beneath here are screenshots for Messaging, Messenger, Samsung Messages, and Hangouts. Each screenshot has a number that corresponds to the above list of steps you must take. Thanks for taking the necessary steps to protect you and your device.


  1. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messaging.png
  2. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messaging0.png
  3. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messaging1.png
  4. Scroll down
  5. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messaging3.png


  1. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messenger.png
  2. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messenger0.png
  3. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messenger1.png
  4. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messenger2.png
  5. b2ap3_thumbnail_Messenger3.png


  1. b2ap3_thumbnail_Samsung_20150803-020959_1.png
  2. b2ap3_thumbnail_Samsung0.png
  3. b2ap3_thumbnail_Samsung1.png
  4. b2ap3_thumbnail_Samsung2.png
  5. b2ap3_thumbnail_Samsung3.png


  1.  b2ap3_thumbnail_Hangouts.png
  2. b2ap3_thumbnail_Hangouts0.png
  3. b2ap3_thumbnail_Hangouts1.png
  4. b2ap3_thumbnail_Hangouts4.png
  5. b2ap3_thumbnail_Hangouts3.png
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Podcasts #1

This week I've decided to post a couple of what I think are interesting podcasts. They're a fantastic way to fill in your commute whether it is in a car, on the bus, or riding a bike. Think of a podcast as a radio show (many of them are exactly this) that you can listen to whenever you want as opposed to having to tune in when the show is broadcasting.

In terms of apps to use, I like PocketCasts. It lets me choose whether or not podcasts download automatically and has a really easy to use interface (great when I'm on my bike). It also has a sync feature so when I change phone or decide to listen on a tablet it remembers exactly where I'm up to. 

Recently 3 different podcasts made me think about technology and how it impacts our lives both positively and negatively. Over the next few days I'll post details of them and other podcasts I listen to regularly.

Note to Self - This is a podcast I've only just discovered (through a different podcast). Specifically the episode of interest is called Bored and Brilliant. It looks at the impact of technology on our lives and this episode is a bootcamp version of an earlier series they ran. The idea is to free yourself from the tyranny of your smartphone (well the meaningless fluff that distracts you on it)!


One tip they don't give, but I use extensively, is to turn off notifications. Specifically I do this on pretty much every application on my phone. With notifications turned on my phone seems to just beep & buzz all day. By having them turned off I dramatically reduce interruptions so increase my ability to get things done. Oh and when everything has fallen apart for someone they typically ring me so I don't actually miss out on the proper disasters!

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Top10 - Smartphone Apps

Top10 - Smartphone Apps

Every wondered about apps that may be worth having on your smartphone? Today we're publishing a Top10 list of apps that help turn your phone into a tool that can make your day so much better. Click on the name of the app for a link to more information about each app.


They're not in any particular order but a couple I find more helpful than others. Specifically; Google Keep (it's like a million searchable postit notes in my pocket), Shush! and Pocket Casts (my commutes are now filled with news and information)! 

If you've got an app that makes a big difference to how you use your phone or has a massively positive impact on your day tell us all about it in a comment.

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Google Maps

If you have a smartphone you've most likely got Google Maps. It is one of the most useful apps on your smartphone and is good for more than just finding your way to places you don't normally go. It will actively suggest different routes to get you to your destination more quickly so could be incredibly helpful on your morning commute!

Here are two short articles that provide some excellent ways to get the most out of Google Maps on your phone:

  1. Google Maps Ultimate Guide
  2. Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Google Maps

Enjoy your week!

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Google Keep

Do you have lots of little bits of paper or post-it notes in your pockets or on your computer? They're useful reminders of tasks you need to do, mileage you need to record, etc. Chances are they look a little like this:


Did you know that you can store them digitally and have them with you on any computer device you're using? By using Google Keep with your account you can make these little notes on your phone, or at your desktop computer. In fact at pretty much any computer or device you have. So rather than have to interpret your handwriting or keep a note hidden they're secured to your logon and look like this:


More than that, you can actually share a note with someone else, so that surprise party for Kirsten is easily shared between people without a note being lost or seen by someone who can't keep a surprise!

Google Keep is a great electronic version of post it notes. More than just simple text and to do lists you can also record voice memo's and even take photos so you get the things done you need to.  

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Lost Your Phone?

To be honest I haven't ever lost my phone, but there have been times I've been unable to locate it when I want it! Yes I know there are lots of find my phone apps but they need to be installed and setup before you get separated from your phone (so go do that now)!

Well now you just need your computer and Google. Simply type find my phone into the search box (or the address box if you use Chrome) and look what happens:


Clicking on the allow button sets Google off on a hunt and after a few seconds it should respond as follows:


Simply click on one of the options to keep your device in control.

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Did you know you can send and receive SMS (text) messages from your computer? It is really easy and can be a lot easier than fishing around to find your phone then unlocking it and typing the message in.

You do need to install an app on your phone and then a browser extension (which isn't as hard as it sounds). Check out details about the app and how to install it all here the you'll be able to leave your phone in your pocket while sending and replying to any text message that arrives when you're at your desk!  

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Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

We've already talked about one app that lets you handwrite on your phone instead of typing (MyScript Stylus), but today we're featuring on from Google. Called Google Handwriting Input (clever name) it lets you write like you do on paper and it translates it into typed text. 


This works better on larger screen devices as you can scribble a couple of words at a time without running out of space on the smaller screen of some phones. It also saves time if you struggle with typing (which can be exasperated on a mobile device). 

Check out the app here.

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First Aid App

First Aid App

From our list of useful apps comes another ... First Aid. Why? Because chances are if you're ever in a situation that requires first aid you will have your phone AND this is specifically a NZ app.

The app is organised into sections so you can learn, prepare, and even complete tests to assess how much you know. The idea is that rather than just being a reference book when you need to know some first aid you'll actually learn some basics before being in that situation. Then should you be in a situation requiring first aid then you're better prepared and have a reference guide.

Click here to find out more about the app and install it.   

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MyScript Stylus

MyScript Stylus

Do you like handwriting and wish you could do it on your phone (or maybe tablet)? If so then MyScript Stylus is the app for you!

Once installed it becomes another keyboard for you to use when entering text (similar to Google Swipe that we posted about here). All you do is handwrite using your finger or a stylus and whatever app you're using (email, text, calendar, etc) will get beautifully typed text.


There are a number of really helpful features like the suggested word that most keyboards have. You can also easily switch to your normal keyboard by simply pressing and holding the space bar.

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Passwords #7

This is the final post in our passwords tip series. We hope it has been helpful for you and you've got some new ideas about passwords. Unfortunately passwords aren't going to go away anytime soon so the better you can make your password the less likely it is that something untoward will happen. 

A tool that can help you with lots of passwords is LastPass. This has a browser plugin so you is really helpful as it puts usernames and passwords into sites for you! Of course if someone else is using your computer with your logon then they will have access to all your passwords! So think a little about how you use your computer before getting too carried away with it!

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Coming Soon

We're in the final stages of testing a new app to help with mobile device bill management. Having worked closely with Finance we're really pleased with what has been developed and how it is going to help streamline processing mobile device bills.

Vodafone have really helped us get more from our mobile devices and behind the scenes we're far more able to automate the processing of invoices and payments. Unfortunately that meant compromising on what you could see. However iBall solves that challenge and lets you review and process all of your mobile device expenses each month.

So expect (if you have a mobile device) to get an email very soon letting you know it is live. Here is a peak at the landing page:


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How to Uninstall Lotus Traveler

With the recent changes we have noticed few of our Notes Traveler users are having issues. To make it easy, we prefer you to uninstall Notes Traveler and reinstall on your smart phones.

Below are the instructions to follow. 

Step 1: Go to Apps.


Step 2. Open Notes Traveler.


Step 3. Go to menu and Select Tools as shown in the image. (this varies from model to model. Some of the other options for various models are here b2ap3_thumbnail_OmXeB.png  b2ap3_thumbnail_83Nym.png.)


Step 4. Tap on uninstall.


Step 5. Confirm Uninstall.



PS: Please ensure you have a Pin/Passcode rather than a pattern lock on your phone before you reinstall traveler.

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Check out our latest job vacancies (we also refer to these as 'mission opportunities') and see if there's a possible place for you.

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