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It has been good to see the increased use of Microsoft Teams around the territory, and one could say this has been one of the silver linings of our lockdown period. Microsoft Teams is a great tool for collaborating with each other particular when you are unable to be in the same location but even for sending quick messages to colleagues no matter where they are.  Video conferencing has also been used to a much greater extent in the last few months.

But much more than this, there are a number of useful applications within Teams that are often not used because many don't know about it.  Today we want to show you a simple tip that will help you be more effective and productive when using MS Teams.

The search bar in Teams can be used not only for searching through any chat, or collaboration thread for previous information, but it can also be used as a command line.  If you type "/" on the search field you are given the following list:

You choose whichever option you wish by simply typing the remainder of the command. For me the ones I find really helpful in this list include:

/org - which provides the line management for a specific person in our TSA directory

/dnd - quickly sets my status to 'Do Not Disturb' when I'm working on a project and don't want any interruptions, or find myself in a meeting doing a presentation and don't want my chat notifications popping up on screen

/chat - which saves me searching a previous conversation to add to it, I can just use this to quickly send a message to a specific person

Why not take the time to try some of these?  You may, like me, find this a really useful way of quickly finding or sending information.

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