Escalating tickets

Today we wish to remind everyone of the escalation process for your various tickets and requests.  It is ISG's hope that you won't need to follow this process, but there are times when the team get busy with other matters and don't give you the attention you believe your problem requires.

In the first instance if your matter is urgent, feel free to call us on 04 802 6262. Whoever you speak to from Team iSG will be able to assist or will be able to pass you on to the person in the team who can.

All other matters should first and foremost be logged as a ticket. Our techs can often have "corridor conversations" but these are often not logged as many other "corridor conversations" can happen by the time they are back at their desks to log the ticket.  It's ALWAYS best if you log the ticket first.

When ISG receives an escalation request, the first thing that is done is to look at the information in the ticket to find the latest information in it and then we are able to check where we are at and what still needs to be done.  At the point of logging your ticket, you will receive an email notification with your ticket number which speeds up the process in ISG assisting you with the escalation request. 

The next option is to login to Supportal and simply add a note in the ticket for technicians to be notified.  To do this in Supportal, select "Requests" (on top bar).  This will take you to the list of all your currently logged tickets.  Select the ticket in question and in the "Actions" button, select "Add Notes".  Enter the information you need iSG to know about, ensure the box with "Email this note to the technician" is ticked and "Add Note".  The technician will be notified and will be in touch as soon as they are able.

Should you have already tried that and still don't believe you're getting the attention your ticket deserves, iSG recommends you make contact with Michael Cabatbat or Andy Jones. Michael is the OpsIT Team Leader and is responsible for directing the team to the most pressing matters each day. He is the person who keeps an eye on the Supportal and chases the team when required. Andy is the Data Analysis Service Team Leader and is responsible for any SAMIS, iMIS or TechOne related issues.  If your concern relates to these aforementioned systems, then Andy is the person to call. For all other matters Michael will be able to assist.  Their email and phone numbers are available in MyDetails or even in Teams (check Wednesday blog for a great tip on the use of Teams for how to do this quickly).

Alternatively you can contact Peter Hennessey if Michael or Andy weren't available or you don't think they helped. 

Escalating to us is helpful as it gives ISG the opportunity to review our processes to ensure we're doing the best we can. So any escalation provides us with a chance to improve our service, and for us to enable the mission for those on the front line. 

Thank you for assisting us in helping you.

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