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It has been a while since ISG provided any tips on our blog and so we want to help you be more productive with the tools you currently have as well as learn some tips on some of the features that are available to you within O365.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at MS Teams and help you make the most of this fantastic O365 tool that all TSA users have access to.

Today we want to focus on the latest update to the video capability in Teams.  A new feature called "Together mode" has recently been launched to all MS Team users and this is particularly helpful when you have a video meeting with a number of people.  The grid view is still available (up to 9), and an extended Large gallery is also now available (up to 49!) but the grid view can be a little hard to focus on who or what to watch.

The Together mode, using AI, merges all the faces into a single "room" and helps with focussing on the topic at hand.

This is available now to all TSA users. and to get this going you need to do a couple of things:

First, when in Teams, you may need to ensure you have the latest version of Teams, so go to the icon on top right of the Teams window and select "Check for updates"

then select Settings > "Turn on new meeting experience" by ticking the appropriate box

If the box has not been ticked, and you have now made the change, you will need to restart Teams to ensure this takes effect. Your pc may need a complete restart to ensure Teams is not still running in the background.

Then next time you are in a Teams meeting, and you have joined the meeting, you simply need to hit on the "..." (3 dots) on the toolbar and select Together mode.  Be aware that if there are not enough people in the group meeting, then this option may be greyed out but as soon as there are enough people to fill the "room" this will become available.

So next time you are in a video call with a number of people, why not try this.

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