O365 Phase One complete... THANK YOU!!

ISG wishes to pass on a huge thank you to everyone in the territory who helped us complete Phase One of our Office 365 migration plan. 

Other than a little bit of “mop up” work, all our users are now using Office 365 for their email and calendar. 

After several months of planning, 32 training locations, 85 training sessions, near 1700 users and 200+ shared mailboxes migrated, more than 26,000 kilometres travelled, and hundreds of hours of work delivered by the iSG team in preparation, delivery, training (both at the time of migration and after in support calls), and all other support work for this migration, we can now take a five minute breather before embarking on Phase Two of our project. 

Thank you to all who made the effort to attend training (and some of you had to travel a fair distance). We trust that it was a worthwhile time and that you did pick up some good tips on how to manage your calendar and emails in a more efficient way so you can spend the time 'doing' the mission of caring, transforming and reforming.  Do remember there are a lot of tips in tricks in Supportal under Solutions, and subscribe to the iSG blog for regular reminder of some of these.

I want to specifically say a BIG thanks to the ISG team as they have travelled on this journey with us:

  • To the service desk team capably led by Michael Cabatbat, always willing to assist our users with their many queries… thanks;
  • To the back office team as they worked through the many possible pitfalls and navigated through all of them providing minimal disruption to our users during this time of transition… thanks; 
  • To Robert McIlwraith who assisted our users with a smooth and mostly stress free change through his diligent training sessions and thorough notes (including all the new tips in the Solutions section of the supportal)... thanks; 
  • To Ian Wood and Mark Whittaker who undertook the bulk of the load as they migrated each account and ensured what needed to be available to each user was made available when it needed to be… a big thanks. The number of extra hours spent outside of work hours to ensure there was minimal disruption to the users in the territory has been incredible, and the sacrifice given in this from them is something I am very grateful for.
  • And finally to our families, for your patience, the endless long nights without us and your ongoing support and understanding of the fact we are "enabling the mission" for this wonderful organisation… thanks.

Congrats team on a successful delivery of Phase One.  

Bring on Phase Two 😉

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Heather Stone on Friday, 11 October 2019 09:45

Well done team - you've done an amazing job! And you are appreciated!!

Well done team - you've done an amazing job! And you are appreciated!!

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