O365 - here's how you can help iSG

As ISG migrates users to O365, a number of these users are being migrated to the E3 licence.  This is the licence that allows you to have the Office Products installed locally, rather than only having these available online (which is what the E1 licence offers).

As part of this migration, iSG needs to connect to each of the E3 machines to do the installation of the new software.  ISG have encountered issues when trying to connect to some machines as the power settings have been set to turn the machine off after a certain amount of time.  One really helpful thing iSG would like to ask our users to do, even if NOT going to the E3 licence is to take 3 minutes (maybe not even that) out of your day and follow the steps below.  This will be hugely beneficial to iSG but also to you for future updates that may need to happen with the ISG Rental machines.

Once logged in, go to "Start" and:

  1. Select Control Panel
  2. Then select Power Options
  3. On left hand side of the window, click on "Change when the computer sleeps
  4. A new window will appear and under the "Plugged in" column click the down arrow and select "Never"
  5. Then just select "Save changes" and that is all iSG needs.  

Thanks for your help in helping us help you.  laughing



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