O365 - coming to a computer near you very soon

The long awaited Office 365 is finally here!

This post serves to update the territory on what has been happening over the past few months, and where we are heading over the next few weeks.

Phase one of O365 is about to start, moving TSA users from using IBM Notes to Microsoft O365.  This is primarily with regards your emails, calendar and instant messaging.  So far iSG have migrated a couple of pilot sites (Rolleston Corps Plant and Samoa RHQ), and have also recently completed the migration of all THQ (Cuba Street) users.  Overall, most have been migrated successfully, but it is fair to say some users encountered some disruption to their routine work as iSG assisted them with their move.  iSG have focussed their efforts in sorting any issues and putting measures in place to ensure we eliminate them from reoccurring with further migrations. 

Over the next few weeks each Corps/Centre will be contacted by someone in ISG to confirm details on current staff, what licence is to be assigned to them and what assets (SARMY machines) are at the various locations.  This will help us with a smooth transition for all users.  It is our intention to cover a region at a time and so iSG will let you know when your Corps/Centre will be migrated.

iSG will provide introductory O365 training sessions around the territory and in subsequent communications we will confirm where these are to be held.  Plan to be there!

We are keen to make this transition as smooth as possible, so stay tuned as we will be providing further communications on a number of related matters.  

O365 training for the territory
Week 4 Tip/Trick

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