Financial implications of O365 to centres

There are some financial implications to centres with the implementation of Office 365 and as centres are finailising their budgets for the year, we thought we should explain this in detail.

So the easiest way to explain this is from the beginning of the New financial period (1 July) the following changes will occur:

  • As we implement o365 we will be removing Microsoft Office 2010 from all desktops and laptops. Due to this, rental charges of desktops and laptops will drop by $5.00 (less $5.00 per device);
  • Notes user charges will no longer be made against individual so this charge will also be stopped (less $4.50);
  • As we start the new financial year we will start charging users for their o365 license of choice:
    • E1 (online only version) comes at a monthly charge of $6.50 and is the default for all staff (not officers);
    • E3 (fully installed version) comes at a monthly charge of $12.00. Officers have been automatically approved by TMB for this license. It is up to the centre manager/budget holder to decide which license all other staff should get and iSG will be requesting confirmation of this prior to the roll over.

So if we take the information above, the summarised version is, from the beginning of the new financial year:

  • Centres will have $5.00 per device and $4.50 per user stopped;
  • Centres will begin being charged for o365.
    • If users are given E1 licenses then this is $3.00 less per month, and
    • if on an E3 license then there will be a slight increase of $2.50 per user per month.

We hope this is helpful to those preparing their budgets.  

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