Nuisance calls - a current scam

Right now some scammers are using numbers that start with +4422 to call New Zealand mobile numbers. Vodafone are working through ways to effectively and appropriately block these nuisance calls, and in the meantime, are advising customers to ignore or terminate any calls from these numbers.

We do not think that the nature of these calls are malicious; they seem more like telemarketing style calls and are just really a nuisance. We can confirm there is no known breach of Vodafone’s customer data. 

What is happening?

Unlike the ‘Wangiri’ scam, where scammers use a fixed number to make short calls (a few rings) and then terminate the call, in this situation scammers have many different numbers, all beginning with +4422 which they are using to make calls.

Blocking these calls becomes difficult as whenever a +4422 number is blocked the scammer will simply move on to another +4422 number.

UK regulator, Ofcom, have confirmed that this number range is a “virtual number” range which means it is not linked to any UK geographical region.  This means that the calls from this number range could be coming from anywhere in the world where the scammers have purchased these numbers. 

What Vodafone is doing

Vodafone have implemented a technical change in their mobile network to block the calls with the number prefix +4422.  They are also making changes to the platform with the view to further reduce the number of ongoing spam calls where possible.  

As many of these calls are being routed to Vodafone from other telco companies, they are working together with them to block the calls and the international links that these calls are coming from. 

Vodafone have also blocked this number range for outbound calling on the Vodafone switch, which means VF customers will be unable to return any of the +4422 calls.

We have been assured that Vodafone will continue to work with other telco companies here in New Zealand and abroad to takes steps to prevent these calls from happening where and when they can.

What you can do:

Remain vigilant and continue to report any nuisance calls to iSG by logging a ticket through Supportal. Be sure to provide the following information:

  • Date and time the call was received
  • Calling Party Number (eg +4422xxxxx) 
  • Your Number
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