Have you ever had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Support advising you that they have detected Malware on your Windows computer?

Here is another version of the same scam behaviour except it comes to you in the form of a web browser popup, which is a little window that won’t go away and is intended to cause you to panic enough to call a number and provide them with any information they need to “fix” the problem!

These messages are concerning, but often occur when you are browsing seemingly innocent or safe web sites so please do not feel guilty about calling ISG.

From time to time we see some pretty convincing error and alert popups that look like they are from Microsoft. If you ever see a popup like the one below – DON’T PANIC!  Anything that looks official is likely a cheeky piece of social engineering designed to fool you and take financial advantage of you.  

The 09-888-xxxx phone number you see below will likely be to a fake “support site” who will ask you for personal information before they can “help” you so DO NOT CALL THEM.


The message above is a very good example of a FAKE because it is very convincing and looks official, however we should always be cautious so DO NOT ring any phone number other than 04 802-6262 or log a ticket at and let ISG look into the issue for you.

If you cannot log the ticket yourself get a colleague or your line manager to do so for you from their own computer.

Do not do anything else with your computer unless advised directly by ISG. Let it be our problem, not yours.

For more info on these types of scams check out a couple of the links below:

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