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At various times when talking to you, our users, about the features of Google Apps, we have mentioned that there are some features found in the Microsoft Office equivalent that may not be available in Google Apps.

We have also mentioned that the way Google works is that, because its based on the web, updates can happen without you even noticing, and so although today what one asks for may not be available, tomorrow it may.

One of the features people have asked particularly with regards Google Docs is the ability to create Columns, and we are thrilled to let you all know that this now exists!!  You can now easily split your document into multiple columns in Docs. Just choose “Columns” in the “Format” drop-down menu when you need more formatting options to get your point across.

Of course, if there is a feature you can't find within the app, search the "Add-Ons" menu to see if you can find what you need.  Google work with a number of other companies who may have created just what you are looking for and through the Add-Ons menu its there waiting for you to install it.  You don't even need ISG for this!!  Just find the Add-On, add it, and get on with using it.

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