Attention Managers! Tip #1

Having to employ a new staff member can be cumbersome and frustrating, particularly when it comes to all the paperwork that needs to be completed.  Aaargh!!  And then to top it all off there can be unexpected delays with ETA's for various items new staff need to get on with their tasks.

Most of the paperwork relates to HR documentation required by law, but from an ISG perspective, you may also need to know what forms need to be completed, approved and submitted for action.

Most office staff will need a computer, a user account and sometimes even a mobile phone.  ISG have always had the following ETA's for these:

  • a computer can take up to 3 weeks to arrive from the date the request is first received at ISG;
  • a mobile phone can take up to 3 days to arrive from the date the request is first received at ISG;
  • a new user account can take approximately 3 business days from date the request is received, assuming there is an active employee ID for the user. New user account requests are worked on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's.  

All these requests, can be pre-empted and a manager is welcome to log them before the employee arrives.

  • Computers and mobile phones can be requested before a manager has even made the final call on who will be employed.  Machines are only configured for users after they start, but the hardware itself can be requested, submitted to Divisional or Nationally Managed Boards for approval and subsequent submission to ISG for action.  The sooner a request is received, the sooner iSG are able to provide the necessary equipment;
  • New user accounts can also be requested before an active ID is provided. All this means is that ISG will check for the activation of the ID and regular notifications will be sent to the person who logged the original ticket and their line manager letting them know if no active ID is available.

ISG do not like to keep people waiting, but the more advance notice a manager can give us for new staff, the sooner we can get the required work done and sorted for them.

Thanks for helping us help you.

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