BiAS monthly charges

At the beginning of each month a report is automatically created in the BiAS system which is then processed by Finance for the monthly journals related to both Hardware and Software costs.  All users have access to BiAS and are able to see what charges are being made against their cost centre. 

For all HARDWARE cost centre queries, feel free to log a ticket in the supportal, and a member of the iSG team will be able to answer and/or amend any cost centres as necessary. 

For all SOFTWARE cost centre queries, these need to be directed to the NZPayroll team as this information is collated directly from the Payroll System.  

We have noticed that in recent days there have been some issues with some people who have more than one cost centre associated with them (usually someone who has two or more separate positions in TSA). The report used for journalling each month has had some issues with the information being pulled from TechOne.  We are aware of this, but unfortunately this is not something iSG can resolve.  We have made the team who can make the necessary changes aware of this, and they are working on it.

We are unable to say when this will be fixed so recommend that if you are aware of any such issues to:

  1. Firstly ensure that the Payroll team does have the correct cost centre associated in the employee/volunteer's payroll record;
  2. Then simply process a journal with the Finance team to rectify the accounting records.

We will let you know when the report issue has been resolved, and therefore when the monthly correction journal can be stopped.

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